Q: How do I join?

A: We have a new registration and dues system this year through Club Sports.  It will open on the first day of classes, but feel to contact us if you have any questions or want to get started early!

Q: What do I get by joining?

A: All sorts of things, and here are just a few: 

1) Access to our private pool sessions every Sunday at the Uris Pool in the Dodge Fitness Center from 9:00-10:30am

2) Group run workouts on Wednesday mornings

3) Group bike rides (weather permitting) on Saturday mornings

4) FREE access to NECTC races (you will be reimbursed as long as you show up to the start line of the race) and various NYRR running races.

5) FREE indoor bike trainer sessions with T2 Multisport in downtown NYC.

6) A committed group of likeminded students to organize travel and lodging for you on all club races

7) Discounts on all of the sweet, custom apparel that we sell

8) the opportunity to join a community of triathletes, from beginners to experts, to work out with, learn from, travel with, and party with post-race (ain't no party like a post-race party!).

9) Access to Master's Swim sessions coached by the men's varsity swim coach Tuesday and Thursday mornings. (Free for undergrads and reduced for grad students!)

10) Paid team members have access to sponsorship discounts with Champion System, Rudy Project, Huub and Nuun.

Q: I'm not currently a student, but I'm currently an (insert: alumni, faculty, staff, person of any kind with a Dodge Fitness Center membership), can I still join the club?

A:  Yes!  As long as you have a Dodge Fitness Center membership you are good to go!  In fact, we pride ourselves in having a wide range of "demographics" represented (by that we mean current students, alumni, faculty, etc.).  This generally makes for a healthy mixture of experience levels throughout the club, and takes the club from being "just" a triathlon club to a platform for all members of the Columbia community to interact.

Q: I'm REALLY slow, I'm a brand new triathlete, I'm a bad swimmer/biker/runner, and/or I don't own a bike, can I still join?  Is it worth it for me?

A:  Yes! We have members of all experience levels, paces, and backgrounds.  Some come from only running, some from only biking, some from only swimming, wrestlers, rowers, and some from nothing!  The only way to get better, faster, and more experienced, is to just dive in, hit the pavement, and start racing!  Even if you don't own a bike, there is plenty for you to take part in as a member of the club.  Come and participate in any of our bike-less workouts (our pool time, our team runs, etc.), and meet a bunch of people who can help you make an informed decision if/when the day ever comes for you to want to buy a bike and start racing! We are also hoping to get a few loaner bikes by Spring 2016!