Note:  What follows is the workout schedule that is available to you as a member of the club, but it is by no means mandatory.  As a member you are encouraged to do as much as you can, but keep in mind that the workouts are designed to accommodate athletes of all levels, so members are asked only to do what their experience level and personal schedule allows.  In the event of a missed workout you'll be missed, but no one will be angry.  We all get busy sometimes...

*Spring 2017 Schedule will be updated soon!*

Please look at Sunday team email sent out to paid team members for changes and updates to the weekly practice schedule. Practices may be cancelled due to other weekend team runs/races or inclement weather. Additional practices will be added shortly once student schedules are finalized.


Rest day!


Master's Swim 6-7:30AM Uris Pool in the DFC (led by men's varsity swim coach)


-Run led by Ilan at 7:30 am. Meet at sundial
-Group ride at 9 am led by Toby. MUST RSVP BY TUESDAY NIGHT via email
-Speed workout at 4:10 led by Jessica. Meet at sundial


Master's Swim 6-7:30 AM Uris Pool in the DFC


Fun Friday! What we do changes depending on the week (Yoga, soccer, running games...etc) Led by various board and team members.

Saturday: Bike Ride/Trainer Workout

Led by Jeff Xu. Meeting place will be sent in email. Weather permitting, we go on long rides into New Jersey and up Highway 9W.  We usually have waves returning at differing times so that people have the option of a 1-1.5 hour ride, a 2-3 hour ride, or to go out with our crazies and have a 4,5, or 6+ hour ride.  This is just another example of how we make sure that beginners and experts alike are accommodated.

When the weather does not behave as we'd like it to, we head to a Dodge Fitness Center squash court, setup our trainers (available through the club if you don't have one), and overcome the rain or snow with a music bumping, trainer buzzing, hot and sweaty trainer ride.

Sunday: Swim and Dry Land

Every Sunday we have pool time in Uris Pool from 9:00-10:30 AM. Dodge Fitness Center is NOT officially open at this time, so if you want to join us, just tell the people at the front desk that you are here for the Triathlon team! Workouts are led by Taylor and/or Tiffany, and divided up to challenge swimmers of all levels, and to teach novice swimmers the technique needed for open water swimming. Afterwards, at 10:45 we will meet up in Aerobic Room 4 on the track level of Dodge to do a variety of body weight and running exercises led by Jeremy.